Chris Nichols.   Operations Coordinator.   Worker/Owner/ Co-Founder.

Chris is a carpenter/philosopher who is known for taking himself too seriously, except when he’s hanging out with his dog Lucia and wife Ashley in their co-op in EastVan. An avid supporter of the co-operative economy, he’s always willing to chat about tables and social justice, and how the one implicates the other.


Jessica Valentine.   Sales & Marketing Coordinator.   Worker/Owner.  

A lady who just gets it done. What ever needs doing she just does it. Bringing to the table a back ground in Community Development, Social Programming and Sales & Marketing the Wood Shop  is a vast playground in which she can build more than just furniture.


Maxim Piche.   Designer & Custom Builder.   Worker/Owner.

Maxim Piché has been working in the custom furniture industry for 10 years as a builder and designer. He is also a skilled scenic carpenter and earned his chops as a lead carpenter at the Vancouver Art Gallery. His experience runs the gamut of aesthetics from rustic to modern.  He plays a mean bass guitar, is always there with a good time at the ready and he can build a mean impromptu basketball hoop when needed.

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