Chris Nichols.   Operations Coordinator.   Worker/Owner/ Co-Founder.

Chris is a carpenter/philosopher who is known for taking himself too seriously, except when he’s hanging out with his dog Lucia and wife Ashley in their co-op in EastVan. An avid supporter of the co-operative economy, he’s always willing to chat about tables and social justice, and how the one implicates the other.


Jessica Valentine.   Sales & Marketing Coordinator.   Worker/Owner.  

A lady who just gets it done. What ever needs doing she just does it. Bringing to the table a back ground in Community Development, Social Programming and Sales & Marketing the Wood Shop  is a vast playground in which she can build more than just furniture.


Maxim Piche.   Designer & Custom Builder.   Worker/Owner.

Maxim Piché has been working in the custom furniture industry for 10 years as a builder and designer. He is also a skilled scenic carpenter and earned his chops as a lead carpenter at the Vancouver Art Gallery. His experience runs the gamut of aesthetics from rustic to modern.  He plays a mean bass guitar, is always there with a good time at the ready and he can build a mean impromptu basketball hoop when needed.

Renee Michaud. Education Coordinator

Renee has been a builder and a fixer for as long as she can remember. From the high school wood shop till now she has developed skills in a wide range of mediums.

Woodworking was her first love but this passion has stemmed toward metal work and various forms of design through years of work experience and training. As a certified high school technology education teacher she has joined our team to grow the education and community outreach potential of Wood Shop. 

If Renee isn’t in the shop she can likely be found riding bikes with her son Ahren or exploring the mountains of BC with her friends. Her passion for adventure, her skills in the shop and her love of people are sure to make any weekend workshop a good time.

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