Upcycled lumber is available from the Wood Shop to designers, contractors and those of you who like to DIY. Our lumber is locally sourced from our recycling partners, arboriculture;  renovation and demolitions sites.


1×4 pallet wood and upcycled pine and fir ($0.55/ft)

1×3 and 1×2 upcycled pine and fir ($0.40/ft)

2×4 pine and fir ($0.65/ft)

Reclaimed cedar siding and fencing ($0.75/ft)

1×2 ‘butcher block’ slab made from upcycled pine and fir ($4/bf)

Specialty pallet wood, such as oak, teak, etc ( market price )


We often have specialty wood in stock, so please inquire should you be looking for a something specific that you don’t see listed.

Delivery is available upon request for an additional charge. 

Contact Us to make an inquiry, get a sample or place an order.



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