The Uncommon Law & The Making of a Wood Table

This year we met Becki & Chris of the . A Common Law couple from Newfoundland and avid DIYers.

For the past 5 years they have been working to transform their 80’s style home back East into a modern and creative space. DIY style. They have documented it every step of the way online via their Blog the, a great resource for all DIYers.

Becki & Chris are kind of what we would think of as DIY Rockstars. Not to mention design/photography/videography ninjas. So when they contacted us to create a reclaimed wood table top for their new home in Vancouver we were stoked.

Living in Vancouver for a 1 year stint they needed a little somethin’ somethin’ DIY for their contemporary living space in the Oakridge district.

So began the creation.  Wood Shop would make the table top & the UncommonLaw  would make the metal pipe base.

And we will let you in on a little secret. We got to spend some time with the UncommonLaw in the Wood Shop, making not only the top but this short video of the wood working process.

Check out the video “The Making of A Reclaimed Table Top” below as well as links to how you can make your own DIY pipe base and a few fab photos of the finished piece in their home.

& Don’t forget to visit  for DIY tips, stories and links to all of their social media channels.







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